Pain & immobility stopping you from living the life you want?

MMTetc specializes in optimizing human performance physically, mentally & emotionally to unleash your true potential.

You are an extraordinary adaptive human.

Your Systems work together creating strategies to #protectthehuman at all times. Your brilliantly designed body keeps forging ahead doing life despite pain & movement issues, but when these protective measures & adaptations have outlived their purpose your body lets you know in the most annoying way: pain, immobility, fatigue, crankiness. 

Manual Movement Therapy (MMT) combines Functional Muscle Testing with neuroscience, manual therapy, & gentle movement to reduce pain, improve range of motion, & increase strength & stamina.

It’s effective therapy when you need it.

WARNING: Manual Movement Therapy has been known to shift your perception of pain, reduce hypersensitivity, optimize performance & empower commitment to oneself.

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