You are an extraordinary adaptive human.

Despite movement glitches & pain your brilliantly designed body keeps forging ahead doing life, but you have goals to achieve. MMT works with you to attain positive solutions.

Movement glitches & pain are a signal to pay attention.

Your Systems work together to #protectthehuman at all times, in every situation. When these protective measures & adaptations have outlived their benefit your body lets you know in the most annoying way. Pain. Immobility. Crankiness. Ignoring it or treating it passively will not make it go away. Life keeps coming at you & you need to be an active player. Your therapeutic interventions should be no different. Manual Movement Therapy (MMT) combines functional muscle testing with neuroscience & pain science ideas to achieve positive results. 

It’s effective therapy when you need it, but it only works if you do.


Knowledge is power. Pain is a sensory & emotional experience, but may not mean damage. I make the complex simple so you understand how your systems respond to various stresses in an effort to #protectthehuman.


Functional Muscle Testing (FMT) assesses connectivity of the nervous system. We build your foundation of strength, speed, stamina & mobility; optimizing performance before glitches & pain can begin.

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Recovery from injury involves FMT & desensitizing adaptations of the sensory system. Build a foundation, create safety, reduce pain & build trust in your purpose nurturing nonthreatening movements.


There are no magic pills or potions. Living beyond pain & movement glitches demands hard work & commitment. I provide you with targeted self care tools to help you successfully reach your goals.

WARNING: Manual Movement Therapy has been known to reeducate your perception of pain, reduce hypersensitivity, increase activity, & empower commitment to oneself.

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