The human body is capable of healing itself when give the opportunity to do so.

marissa macias

Marissa Macias, MMT

I’m an Educator and Manual Movement Therapist with a thriving private practice in Ottawa, IL. I’ve been a Nationally Board Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist since 2003.

My work is best described as functional neurology. I am absolutely fascinated with how the body moves and adapts as the Nervous System directs the human. Using movement, global and local patterns as well as functional muscle testing, we can assess the nervous system and reintroduce efficient processing to reduce pain and improve function. We are able to create an environment for the body to heal itself.

I took a trip through Wonderland, down the rabbit hole, that is the human Nervous System and Psyche and have yet to reach the bottom. Still falling. Still discovering. Still educating myself, my clients, and my students in this evolutionary practice.

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