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Is Manual Muscle Testing Legit?

Manual Muscle Testing is consistently under fire for being inconsistent. The pain science people and the movement aficionados love to target MMT to boost their own ideals. At every turn they point out the inaccuracies found in manual muscle testing. And you know what?

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it's not voodoo, it's neuroscience

It’s not Voodoo, It’s Neuroscience

At least once a day I get some crazy looks. Part of it is that I’m so ME in session. So, yes, I may have a Darth Vader shirt on, because I forgot to change before work. Or perhaps I’m running around in my crazy socks or barefoot, seasonally dependent.

At times, more often than not, the Mad Hatter mimic may start mumbling while I sort through the thought process. And, yes, I’m going to reference Pop Culture and drip sarcasm while punning badly. But don’t worry; it’s not voodoo… it’s neuroscience!

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Why Optimizing Athletic Performance Needs MMT

Speed Camps. Jump Training. Agility Training. Explosive Movement. These are some images and catch phrases that come to mind when considering optimizing athletic performance. What happens, though, when you go through all of those classes and …

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