I talk to your Nervous System and tell it to shush.

nervous system

Wait. What exactly do I mean when I say, ‘I talk to your nervous system.’? This is one of those fun and weird conversations to have. As soon as I divulge that tidbit they are all ears. Nervous Systems communicate. We’re constantly broadcasting and tuning into our internal and external environments. Protect the human. When …

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Is Manual Muscle Testing Legit?

manual muscle testing, p-dtr, neurokinetic therapy, nkt

Manual Muscle Testing is consistently under fire for being inconsistent. The pain science people and the movement aficionados love to target MMT to boost their own ideals. At every turn they point out the inaccuracies found in manual muscle testing. And you know what?

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Happy NKTiversary


Happy NKTiversary to me! Today marks my 5th year as a NKT practitioner. I can’t even begin to describe how this method and this community has influenced my career. That first night of class I was floored. In four small hours David Weinstock had cleared up and destroyed everything I had been doing, not doing, …

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