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Is Manual Muscle Testing Legit?

Manual Muscle Testing is consistently under fire for being inconsistent. The pain science people and the movement aficionados love to target MMT to boost their own ideals. At every turn they point out the inaccuracies found in manual muscle testing. And you know what?

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A Life Coach can help you get out of your own way to move forward and attain your goals.

So you think a Life Coach is a wannabe Psychologist?

Is a Life Coach a knockoff therapist? It’s the easy way out without the dedication of formal education, right? That’s what many think. *raiseshand* Seriously, I would catch my upper lip curling as I came across blogs and posts on social media from these two-bit wannabes.

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Phobias are Living Nightmares

One breath. Two breaths. Three breaths. Four…. Nope. Can’t do it. Your heart is racing. Where’s a bag?!?! Paper bag. Hyperventilating here and a bag would be good about now. Oh God. Sitting down now, head between the knees. Blood is filling your head and your ears are filled with cotton. Everyone sounds like Charlie Brown’s parents right now and their offers of help, while good intentioned, are useless to you. Cold, clammy skin. How do clams live this way? Annnd now there’s running involved. Why is there always running? You know you can’t run from your phobias. 

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Into the Healing Wild

Trauma bares your soul and throws you to your knees. Your darkest parts, those decaying pieces of supposed strength and bravery are exposed to the light. Everything you thought you were capable of is challenged. Healing is fecking messy, raw, leaving scraped parts bruised and angry. You find out who you are, what you’re made of, and what you’re capable of.

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