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Is Manual Muscle Testing Legit?

Manual Muscle Testing is consistently under fire for being inconsistent. The pain science people and the movement aficionados love to target MMT to boost their own ideals. At every turn they point out the inaccuracies found in manual muscle testing. And you know what?

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p-dtr research

P-DTR Research Conference

Hot off the Presses! P-DTR research has officially commenced. Pain Science and Evidence Based practitioners in the medical community are well known for demanding papers. They want proven research in order to claim that any method, principle, or practice is effective. We are only just beginning.

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Phobias are Living Nightmares

One breath. Two breaths. Three breaths. Four…. Nope. Can’t do it. Your heart is racing. Where’s a bag?!?! Paper bag. Hyperventilating here and a bag would be good about now. Oh God. Sitting down now, head between the knees. Blood is filling your head and your ears are filled with cotton. Everyone sounds like Charlie Brown’s parents right now and their offers of help, while good intentioned, are useless to you. Cold, clammy skin. How do clams live this way? Annnd now there’s running involved. Why is there always running? You know you can’t run from your phobias. 

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it's not voodoo, it's neuroscience

It’s not Voodoo, It’s Neuroscience

At least once a day I get some crazy looks. Part of it is that I’m so ME in session. So, yes, I may have a Darth Vader shirt on, because I forgot to change before work. Or perhaps I’m running around in my crazy socks or barefoot, seasonally dependent.

At times, more often than not, the Mad Hatter mimic may start mumbling while I sort through the thought process. And, yes, I’m going to reference Pop Culture and drip sarcasm while punning badly. But don’t worry; it’s not voodoo… it’s neuroscience!

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children are magical beings

Children are Magical Beings

These tiny miracles have so much insight and awareness that we, as adults, don’t recognize or give them credit for. If you listen, I mean really listen to their spoken words and those spoken through body language, ask the right questions without judgment on their response, you can learn an amazing amount of information to help children when needed.

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athletic performance

Why Optimizing Athletic Performance Needs MMT

Speed Camps. Jump Training. Agility Training. Explosive Movement. These are some images and catch phrases that come to mind when considering optimizing athletic performance. What happens, though, when you go through all of those classes and …

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Your Running Game is Failing

Tell a runner they need to stop running and you will instantly see a look of sheer panic stricken terror flood their faces. Between one breath and the next they’ve thrown up in their mouth a little, had their heart explode, lungs collapse, and may have mentally murdered your firstborn. It’s that big.

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