Chicago NKT® Level 1

Every year NKT® seminars are held here in Chicago. Practitioners from all disciplines come to learn this material in hopes of discovering a new way to look at their patient’s issues.

Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Bodyworkers, Pilates Instructors and Athletic Trainers were in full learning force this last weekend. NeuroKinetic Therapy® allows you to discover why there are movement inefficiencies, weakness or tightness, and pain on a neurological level. Understanding how to read the body in this way brings your skills to another level.

However, this little blog is not about the fun and effectiveness that is NKT®. I want to take a moment to recognize these people.



The assistants at NKT® are true professionals and I don’t think they get enough credit. These amazingly talented practitioners take time away from their families and practices to come and share their passion for this work with others. On their dime. That’s dedication.

It’s also important to note how well this particular group flow together. It was remarked on numerous times in person and in the class evaluations. The energy and passion of the Instructors (Noah and I) and between the Instructors and the Assistants was palpable. Between the good natured ribbing of each other and the Kitzman Method of Leading Questioning the information and humor flowed seamlessly.

The Chicago network is solid. It’s a labor of love three years in the making. We know each other. Personally and professionally. These people are regular attendees of the Chicagoland Study Group. I know their skill, their drive learning the work, and I know exactly what they’re capable of.

If you come to a Chicago NKT® Seminar, and I sincerely hope you do, you’ll experience it for yourself. You’ll see those faces above animated describing how to find those neuro connections. You’ll hear the wisecracks as we tease and needle each other relentlessly. You’ll feel the energy between us as we work as a unit to help you learn one of the best methods available to the health and fitness industry.

Shawn, Della, Rob, Andy, John, Tenshi, and Maie, thank you for all you do. Much love and appreciation.