I specialize in the functional application of neurology utilizing advanced motor control therapies.

The aim is to increase efficiency of movement and decrease pain via the neural pathways. This is a holistic approach assessing all factors that affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Please bear in mind that each session is tailored to the person in front of me. What your friend or family member experienced may by incredibly different than what you experience. Your unique history, experiences, and mind demand a unique treatment.

Hardware Issues can be bone spurs, arthritis, severely herniated discs requiring surgical intervention, trauma to the brain, or severe degeneration of tissue/structures including bones, joints, discs, ligaments, cartilage, nerves, etc. Actual nuts, bolts, plates, and various replacements that have already been made through surgical means are indeed hardware. Many Neurological and Immune Disorders that affect our various systems can also be considered hardware issues if they are categorized as non curable.

Chronic movement and activities or lifestyle choices that continue to aggravate your conditions are also considered Hardware.

What our session can do is attempt to address the original reason or cause that resulted in said hardware issue.

The muscle testing and neurological stimulus is not aggressive and always applied very gently within your comfort level. The healing that evolves though is as deep as possible and can be very profound.

The goal is to get you in and out of therapy in as few sessions as possible. You only need therapy when you need it.

Client reported results are frequently mostly resolved or fully resolved within 3-5 sessions, provided the driving factor is not lifestyle or hardware triggered. Severity and duration of the issue will greatly factor into that equation.


If you are in pain, experiencing movement restrictions, if you are looking to optimize athletic performance, or if you are simply looking to be able to continue living your life the way you want to and not the way you think you have to; I work with you.

If you are a human being of any age, size, shape, color, sex; I work with you. Pain and movement restrictions are non-discriminatory and so is my approach.

Kids too? YES! Kids are some of the most receptive, resilient, and adaptable humans with this work. I have seen some of the most profound recoveries happen in areas including; social anxiety, speech issues, learning disorders, cognitive behavior, digestive issues, bed wetting, sleeping and snoring issues, and so much more. Often the parents are unsure if their child actually needs to come back or if they simply want to play some more. 

No. For a very simple reason; I can’t offer you any guarantee over the phone, email, or in person that the work we do together will be effective for you.

I need to hear your story, watch how you hold and move your body, feel the tissue tone and texture, and do movement and neuro assessments prior to treatment. We spend over an hour together for your first session to get as many details as possible.

No, I do not accept insurance. If you choose, you can contact your Insurance company to see if there is a way to be reimbursed. Full payment is due at the time of your session.

Yes. A 24 hour notice is required. Full details can be found on the Disclaimers page.

Manual Movement Therapist: A person who combines excellence, playfulness, and cleverness while exploring the limitless potential of the feats performed by the brain and body. Brain hackers and body programmers, uniquely skilled possessing quirks and characteristics unparalleled. They defy conventional perception of therapy utilizing in depth neurobiomechanics to treat musculoskeletal stresses. -Marissa Macias Definition of MMT.

Every session is tailored to the person being treated. Our first session will include an extensive health history that we will take together. Treatment will include a lot of education, manual muscle testing, palpation and movement assessments, neurological stimulus, and manual therapy as necessary. Each follow up session builds upon the previous.

Initial Sessions are $115 and last about 75 minutes.

Follow Up Sessions are $85 and last about 45 minutes

Prices are non-negotiable and subject to change.

  • Transparency. I am happy to provide you information about your patient’s progress if you and the patient agree upon the open lines of communication and I expect the same from you.
  • Quality care. Your patient will receive the highest level of treatment that I can provide. If I can’t help the patient, he/she will know within three to five sessions.
  • Respect for your relationship with your patient. The fact that you have referred to another practitioner in order to further help their healing process earns you my utmost respect. I will do my best in order to get them back into your wonderful care as quickly as possible.

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