Happy NKTiversary

Happy NKTiversary to me!

Today marks my 5th year as a NKT practitioner. I can’t even begin to describe how this method and this community has influenced my career.

That first night of class I was floored. In four small hours David Weinstock had cleared up and destroyed everything I had been doing, not doing, thinking, missing for 9 years as a LMT.

At that point I knew. I had to own this. Study, practice, implement it immediately for the good of all my clients. So I did.

My practice was forever changed. The way I viewed the body was never going to be the same.

Over these last 5 years I have made some of the strongest connections both professionally and personally. NKT proceeded to influence every other decision I have made regarding continuing education.

Once you go down the rabbit hole there’s no unknowing what you know.

I have learned so much about the body, the nervous system, and motor control during this time. And I have learned that not everyone is going to travel with you through this journey.

Even more amazing is that I found I have a love for teaching.

In 2015 David asked me to become an Instructor for Neurokinetic Therapy. The Chicago community has become an extended family and I have tried to nurture it as such.

I’ve been asked numerous times by different individuals why I love teaching it as I do. It’s very simple.

The spark.

Teaching NKT enables me to create a spark. It allows me to reach other practitioners of varied backgrounds and show them that there is so much more to learn. A different view. A different knowing. Possibilities!

If I can light up just one person the way I have been lit up though NKT it is a blessing. And one that I am extremely grateful for.

So, Happy NKTiversary to me!

… and many more…

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