Nervvy Chicago


The only thing ‘new’ about Nervvy is the evolution of thinking and doing behind it. It has been built upon many influences over many years.

Who is Nervvy for?

  • Those that want a simplified understanding of some heavy topics such as the Gate Control Theory of Pain, the Neuromatrix, and Neuroplasticity.
  • Those that want to use Functional Muscle & Movement Testing as a way to communicate with the Systems.
  • Those that want to learn simple tools to work WITH the Systems instead of against them.
  • Those that want to be part of a community that share information freely, knowing that the best way to grow is by helping each other.

Who is Nervvy NOT for?

  • Those that do not have a Manual Muscle Testing background.
  • Those with an advanced understanding of functional neurology. I’m not looking to explode brains, I make the complex simple.
  • Those that are firmly rooted in an evidence based practice.