Marissa Macias, MMT


I'm a Board Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist that doesn't massage.

In 2003 I graduated from Northern Prairie School of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork where I fell in love with the body.

By 2012 I was annoyed with the body. Hundreds of hours of combined classroom and self study was dedicated to learning about the nervous system and the role it plays in optimal health.

The rabbit beckoned. I stumbled through the labyrinth of the Queen’s gardens after sipping tea with the Mad Hatter and talked to cats and caterpillars about the marvels of neuroscience. Sounds trippy and that’s exactly how learning to understand neurology feels.

I am fortunate to teach some of this #brainglitter to practitioners from around the world as an Instructor for Neurokinetic Therapy.

Living Values

My core values are a living, breathing part of my internal culture. Love, Authenticity, Honesty, Compassion, and Community are the driving forces empowering every decision and action.

Observe Curiously

Each person being treated is an entity within itself. A body. A mind. A soul. It demands respect, a holistic purpose, focused awareness, and acceptance without judgment.

Inspire Change

The body & mind, with its innate intelligence, creates balance within itself. Working with this intelligence encourages adaptability and viable change.

We’re Not Broken

We don’t need fixing. We are enabled with all the tools necessary to be successful in our healing process. Owning full responsibility for our outcome is how we grow.

"She listens, she checks, and she analyzes the problems you're having and she works to get to the issue and fix it, not just remediate the symptoms. This experience is something you will not have with other therapists- believe me, I've been there!"
Susan Ogilive
Fit Pro


We live in a world where everyone is after the next big shiny object. Squirrel! There’s a loss of focus and an understanding that if we want to achieve things then we need to put in the work. Simple and effective steps applied consistently will get you there.

No Gurus: I am not the all powerful Healer and Mindset Guru. I am opening up the opportunities for you to be successful. It is your responsibility to do the work.

No Dogma: Not everything works for every person. Therapy is not one size fits all. You are a unique individual with a body, heart, mind, and soul. You are multifaceted and should be treated as such.

No Nonsense: You won’t get any fear mongering or catastrophizing here. Honesty and transparency is vital in a trusting therapeutic relationship. No MLMs. No scheduling you until the end of time.