"I study people and why we do the things we do."

Marissa Macias, MMT is a Manual Movement Therapist & Educator passionate about optimizing human performance & unleashing true potential. #protectthehuman

I’m a Board Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist that doesn’t do anything closely resembling traditional massage.

Since 2003 I’ve been fascinated with the human body, nervous system, and psyche. I’ve dedicated thousands of hours of combined classroom and self study to learn about the nervous system and the role it plays in optimal health.

The rabbit beckoned. I stumbled through the labyrinth of the Queen’s gardens after sipping tea with the Mad Hatter and talked to cats and caterpillars about the marvels of neuroscience. Sounds trippy and that’s exactly how learning to understand the manual applications of neurology feels.

The complexity is terrifying in its depths and that is what triggered me to make the complex simple. My clients need to understand just as easily as the students I teach need to understand to be able to communicate to their clients effectively.

In this endeavor I teach Neurokinetic Therapy to practitioners from around the World. This seminar allows them to dip their toes into the pool of motor control, begin to understand how far we can go, and realize the vastness of what is yet to be discovered. 

I’m excited to announce that I’m in the beginning stages of developing my own course, NERVVY. We are creatures of habit and everything we do is designed to #protectthehuman. 

What is a Manual Movement Therapist?

A person who combines excellence, playfulness, and cleverness while exploring the limitless potential of the feats performed by the brain and body. Brain hackers and body programmers, uniquely skilled possessing quirks and characteristics unparalleled. They defy conventional perception of therapy utilizing in depth neurobiomechanics to treat musculoskeletal stresses. No gurus, no dogma, no nonsense. -Marissa Macias, MMT