Reduce pain, improve function, and enhance performance.

manual movement therapy

MMT can help speed up your recovery time after injury, prevent further injury, increase strength, stamina, stability, mobility and overall improve optimal processing.

A Neurocentric Approach

Every intervention is done with purpose. MMT uses Functional Movement & Muscle Testing to assess and improve neuroconnectivity of inefficient movement patterns.

Effortless movement is efficient movement. Restrictions in our ability to move well creates discomfort and reduces optimal performance. MMT assesses local and global movement patterns from the ground up to improve functional neurology.

Active recovery is 99% targeted self-care. It takes considerable effort and commitment to create change. Your active recovery treatment plan includes activities targeting your unique issues so that you can maximize progress at home.

To appease your curiosity, grab some tea & dive #downtherabbithole of MMT articles.

Our Therapeutic Alliance

My role as your Therapist is to provide education and insight, to guide and support you in finding balance by discovering the missing pieces holding you back in your recovery, performance, and general well being.

Your sessions are results based. We are looking to increase fluidity and speed of movement, increase range of motion, and decrease sensitivity. We strive to ensure these results carry over into your daily routines.

We set clear goals. We discuss reality and responsibility of these goals. We are flexible with our options and always strive to positively move forward.

I’d love to work with you.