MMTetc, Emotional Trauma Clearing, is a continuously evolving protocol that allows us to safely address the emotional component involved with physical pain.

As you’ve discovered while perusing my site, in order to understand pain and build a recovery strategy for yourself, you have to be willing to explore all aspects of your life that could be contributing to your physical and mental well being.

Often, in traditional forms of therapy, the emotional components are largely ignored or unknown. In reality, emotional and physical pain are closely entwined. It is nearly impossible for us to distinguish between the two and recognize where the true source of our discomfort dwells.

Our physical response to emotional residue.

MMTetc does not treat the emotions themselves. This gentle therapy addresses the manifestations in the body from past experiences that hold emotional residue. These physical manifestations can be numerous and are often unexpected.

Pain and movement restrictions, increased stress and the inability to handle stress well, hormonal and GI issues; sensitivities to light, sound, and touch, and if left untreated can develop into global conditions where the body is consistently exhausted or continuously contracted at all times.

These physical responses to the emotional components are driven by the subconscious mind.

The power of the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind decides what needs be done. The subconscious mind is regulating and coloring every aspect of our lives without judgment or criticism, without logic or reason. It simply IS.

It evaluates everything past, present, and future; relaying that information to the conscious mind through feelings. These feelings are largely in place to protect us.

Again, the amazing nervous system is succeeding in its ultimate role; protect the human at all cost.

It takes what it knows or what it thinks it knows and creates these feelings causing the physical body to experience some kind of reaction. The reaction is dependent on the processing of the information.

In its desire to protect the human it often makes mistakes in what is a true threat to survival and shows up as symptoms; pain and restriction, phobias or psychological reversals, or simple things like taste and texture issues.

We can’t consciously argue with the subconscious. It’s a battle we are not going to win. The subconscious will burrow deeper and enforce its protective walls at any perceived threat.

MMTetc accesses the subconscious mind.

The MMTetc protocol directly affects the subconscious mind by using its own processing methods; the feelings it creates.

As soon as the feeling of the emotional component is triggered the subconscious mind will employ its protective measures. The physical response will become present and measurable though manual muscle testing.

Often the response is muscle weakness. The body temporarily shuts down in full abhorrence to the feeling invoked. It retreats within itself in avoidance.

Other times the response is abnormal strength. Similar to the stories you hear of superhuman strength displayed when in extreme situations; it is locked down and ready to battle.

Either way, the subconscious mind is communicating that this feeling, this emotional component, is something that needs to be addressed.

Sifting through a lifetime of events, thoughts, habits, feelings, and relationships MMTetc washes off these remnants allowing us to shed our masks, be beautiful, messy, uninhibited, daring to be perfectly imperfect.

These emotional residues can leave unseen scars that pull and pucker, continuously feeding the protective nature of the subconscious mind, and producing ongoing symptoms that lessen the individual’s quality of life.

Consider MMTetc as an adjunct therapy to your physical and mental well being.

Emotional Trauma Clearing is most beneficial when also seeking the care of a licensed Mental Health Specialist. It is not intended to take the place of these practitioners and their vital roles in healthcare.