Moments of Inspiration

There are moments of inspiration that happen in practice that ignite a spark and set your soul on fire. Little things that amount to big things that end up becoming┬álife changing things. Lately, I’ve been so fueled by these things that I feel compelled to share.

Moments of Inspiration

These moments come in waves. You can be working day in and day out, wondering if what you’re doing is making any difference at all. Wondering if you’re good enough, know enough, try enough and what the hell is everyone else is doing that makes them so much better than you. Agonizing over what you can do to better yourself, to add value to your work.

And then it happens.

The old man, with tears pooled in his crinkling eyes, smiles at you and tells you that he is sitting in a chair with his leg crossed. That over 18 months he was just getting by, happy that he was able to walk, but now he can actually live and enjoy his life.

With carefree spins across the floor, the dancer radiates pure joy from her face now that she doesn’t feel the pain in her hip.

The young man, with his young family, can now come home from work and not feel so exhausted. He can take part in his family and not feel so weighed down, not miss all the little things.

A little girl, so tiny and full of social anxiety that gets enrolled in preschool and participates without fear. She can learn and make friends with other littles her age and experience these rites of passage. And the Mom that comes to know that it’s all going to be okay.

Guys, I’m crying over here!

Literally, balling and not the Demi Moore in Ghost tears where she looks so beautiful with glistening eyes. Oh no, we’re talking red faced, snotty, tears soaking down the front of my shirt sobbing. It’s ugly. And I’m okay with it, because thank goodness I decided to Blog it instead of Vlog it.

These moments of inspiration are what keep me going. I don’t know what I did to deserve them , but I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work these people. So grateful and thankful, you have no idea.

And I know that this week or next week I’m going to sit and wonder if I’m good enough, if I know enough, if I’m making any changes for the better. Then someone is going to tell me their story and how I took part in it in some small way and changed their lives for the better.

All the anxiety, and agonizing will be worth it, because they’re worth it and I’m worth it and it’s what keeps me inspired and I hope it keeps you inspired. Keep doing what you’re doing. You never know whose life is being changed by the work you do.