Everybody wants to know; what is P-DTR? Proprioceptive- Deep Tendon Reflex ( P-DTR ) is a comprehensive body of functional neurology utilizing information received from sensory receptors and Dr. Palomar’s theory of neuroreceptor pairing to effectively reorganize the Central Nervous System for optimal movement patterning; efficiently reducing pain while increasing ROM, strength, and stamina.

Is P-DTR the future of healthcare?

Traditional therapies (Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Orthopedic Surgery) focus on what we refer to as ‘hardware’ issues. The tissue is tight. We release it. The movement is restricted. We stretch it. The function is weak. We strengthen it. Unfortunately, as practitioners and patients both know, often these traditional avenues provide temporary or no relief.

With P-DTR we want to know WHY the tissue is tight, WHY the movement is restricted, WHY the function is weak and we want to know this before any action is taken. More often than not the source of those issues are from ‘software’ problems.

Using manual muscle testing and specific neural challenges to target dysfunctional sensory receptors, we can find out WHY these inefficiencies are occurring. P-DTR focuses on finding the problem, not treating the symptoms. Corrections are incredibly quick and extremely effective.

Results are long lasting and in some cases permanently resolved.

What does P-DTR help with?

P-DTR normalizes the information being sent to the Brain. We are constantly adapting to our internal and external environments. The CNS has to process all this information at all times in order to keep us in a balanced state. Instances of trauma and overwhelm can cause this information to process incorrectly and become corrupted.

Think of it like a broken record. It keeps playing the same rif over and over, never completing the song. The glitch is sending poor information to the CNS. Poor Input = Poor Output.

As a result, the method can have a vast array of positive outcomes on many problems. Many of which we are only just beginning to realize.

  • Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Postural complaints
  • Gastrointestinal complaints
  • Functional hormonal disturbances
  • Energy/Cognition complaints
  • Emotional complaints

It’s weird, wild, and wonderful.

P-DTR® looks at a wide spectrum of dysfunctions on all levels – physical, endocrine, emotional and mental. The method takes all these body systems into consideration during treatment so that it can discover the root cause of the processing issue. This holistic insight can significantly improve human performance in all areas of life.

The full range of treatment is as of yet unknown. The method continues to expand its knowledge base as new research is adopted and discarded daily. As our understanding of functional neurology increases we have to update our treatment approaches. Which means that YOU are consistently getting the most effective and efficient treatment available at the moment.

I can guarantee that P-DTR is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, but don’t worry…. It’s Not Voodoo, It’s Neuroscience.

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