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I bet you're an amazing practitioner.

Amazing practitioners are always after the best. The best information, the best products, the best continuing education, the best self care, and the best community of practitioners to surround themselves with.

You thrive living in the knowledge that you know what you know, what you don’t know, and in knowing that there is so much out there to explore. It is my hope that I can be part of your journey in this exploration.

Community is one of my LBVs (Living Breathing Values) that is behind every decision and action that I make. Having a community of like-minded individuals to learn from and lean on is what makes amazing practitioners phenomenal

Whether I’m teaching for NeuroKinetic Therapy or through my own vision, Embrace Your Weird, I endeavor to nourish and build that community. 

Marissa is an incredible body worker, a compassionate teacher, and a beautiful human.

Adrienne Saltzberg, Mend

Embrace Your Weird

Healthcare Professionals, Fit Pros, and Coaches are so focused on being professional that their voices are squashed. They die a thousand deaths smothered in professionalism and their screams are whispers in the shadows.


Nobody is Youer than You!

Shake off the labels applied to you. Own your identity, your values, and build your empire.

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I've known Marissa for years and she is the undisputed queen of high-end bodywork in Chicagoland. Not only a top practitioner, but also a patron of the art, supporting and encouraging other therapists to be their best.

Thomas Wells, The Body Mechanic

NeuroKinetic Therapy

NKT changed everything about the way I practice. It was an eye-opening class that sent me further down the neuroscience rabbit hole than I ever could have imagined.

My career became fulfilling in every aspect after NKT theory changed my perception.

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