I make the complex simple.

Too many methods over complicate the information they are trying to teach. Inflated egos showing how smart they are, but are completely unrelatable to the people trying to learn. Right!??!

I mean shut up, tell me what’s useful, and let’s do this already.

It’s my goal to give you quality information that you can understand and implement immediately with a substantial amount of continuing support available to you afterwards.

And build community! Your vibe attracts your tribe, right? My community is the lifeblood of all I do and is full of badass practitioners looking to better themselves to be better for their clients. 

If you walk away from my classes with ONE thing that changes the way you perceive things, yessss.

Welcome to the HiveMind.

Neurokinetic Therapy

NKT is a 6 day learning experience taught over 3 two day seminars. From Level 1 to Level 3 you will learn to use manual muscle testing to assess and correct movement imbalances at the level of the Motor Control Center. 

Leaders set the tone for the whole team. Newbies can tell right away what that tone is. Marissa has created a team that is honest, humble, yet exceptional in talent, and knows how to combine fun with learning in a no bullshit atmosphere. She is a true leader and while I don't usually follow others, I am totally comfortable doing so with her!!!

Michelle Den Hartigh, The Pilates Hive

NERVVY Seminars

Nervvy Seminars are being developed so that Manual Therapists can gain practical knowledge how the Systems ultimately #protectthehuman.

Ultimate Goal: Simplify the Gate Control Theory of Pain and the Neuromatrix, use muscle testing as a way to assess the Plexi, discover where possible entrapments may be, encourage space within the pathway in a gentle and non-invasive manner to decrease hypersensitivity, create a recovery strategy to increase performance in a safe manner so the Systems learn to build trust with your purpose.

I strive to make the complex simple and hope to create a learning environment that is creative, relaxed, and fun!

Nervvy is nothing new. Everything is influenced by something else.

Who should take this seminar?
  • Those that have a manual muscle testing background that want to understand the above a bit better.
  • Those that are willing to play and explore options
  • Those that value all different perspectives and dive into an evolutionary practice of working with others.
Who should NOT take this seminar?
  • Those that have an advanced understanding of functional neurology and have no trouble with the application of the material.
  • Those that are closed minded.
Good humans only need apply.

We can’t know the space they’re in.

Not long ago I had a new client come to see me for assessment of a trauma involving extensive nerve damage. After a horrific injury and the following surgeries, the client was mentally unable to

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business building block
Marissa Macias, MMT

Business Building Blocks

Illinois closed down this last week. This massive Polar Vortex was dumping frigid temps and loads of the white and fluffy. Most local businesses were locked up tight. And clients were rescheduling like mad in

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A focused approach gets you everywhere.

I let a new client go yesterday. Practitioners, you may be thinking, “WHAT!?!? You’re crazy! Holding on to the clients you get is the way to a full practice.” Clients, you may be thinking, “I’m

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