Practitioner Portal

Heeeeyyyyy Stalky McStalkerson

And I love you for it! 

If you found my little Practitioner Portal it means you have an interest in what I’m putting out there. A little intrigue, a little mystery, something sparked your interest to dive deeper.

With those detective skills I believe it’s safe to say that you are a kick ass practitioner. Let’s see if I know you, see you for who you are. 

  • You consistently search for answers. You dive deep down the rabbit hole to look for information to push you and your clients/patients further into achieving desired outcomes.
  • There are always more classes that you want to take than you can afford and you always have way more credit hours logged than actually needed.
  • You are a leader in your local community, the go-to source to get shit done, but you’re always looking for more ways to build up your flavor of awesome to new heights.
  • You thrive living in the knowledge that you know what you know, what you don’t know, and in knowing that there is so much out there to explore. And you want to taste it all. 

Am I close? Did I see you? Do I know you? 

I am you. 

It is my hope that I can be part of your journey in this exploration.

Community is one of my LBVs (Living Breathing Values) behind every decision and action that I make. Having a community of like-minded individuals to learn from and lean on is what makes kick ass practitioners phenomenal rock star practitioners

Whether I’m teaching for NeuroKinetic Therapy or showing up to help you Embrace Your Weird, I endeavor to nourish and build that community. 

Marissa is an incredible body worker, a compassionate teacher, and a beautiful human.

Adrienne Saltzberg, Mend

Advanced Motor Control

Join our world wide network of Chiros, PTs, ATs, OTs, Massage Therapists & Fit Pros and learn to apply a new perspective in movement.

I've known Marissa for years and she is the undisputed queen of high-end bodywork in Chicagoland. Not only a top practitioner, but also a patron of the art, supporting and encouraging other therapists to be their best.

Thomas Wells, The Body Mechanic


Nervvy Seminars are being developed so that Manual Therapists can gain practical knowledge of the mysterious Plexi.
summer '19

Private Practitioner Community

Healthcare Professionals, Fit Pros, and Coaches are so focused on being professional that their voices are squashed. They die a thousand deaths smothered in professionalism and their screams are whispers in the shadows.