Are you nervvy?

Nervvy Seminars are being developed so that Manual Therapists can gain practical knowledge of the mysterious Plexi.
In both the Upper and Lower Body Seminars we will learn the anatomy of the Plexi, explore the common mechanisms of injury and possible entrapment sites, and discover a way to create space within the pathway to decrease ‘nervy’ sensations and increase function.
The ultimate goal is to increase your knowledge of these structures, how they may be affecting your clients, and help facilitate the healing process in a gentle, non-invasive manner.
I hope to create a learning environment that is creative, relaxed, and fun!
#nervvy #protectthehuman

it's not voodoo, it's neuroscience

It’s not Voodoo, It’s Neuroscience

At least once a day I get some crazy looks. Part of it is that I’m so ME in session. So, yes, I may have a Darth Vader shirt on, because I forgot to change before work. Or perhaps I’m running around in my crazy socks or barefoot, seasonally dependent.

At times, more often than not, the Mad Hatter mimic may start mumbling while I sort through the thought process. And, yes, I’m going to reference Pop Culture and drip sarcasm while punning badly. But don’t worry; it’s not voodoo… it’s neuroscience!

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Quack in a Box

The shift has been looming on the horizon and we’re living the revolution. The Alternative, Holistic, and Complementary Practitioners have lurked around the outskirts of modern medicine. We’ve been called Quacks, Witches, Flakes, and Hippies just to name a few. Our methods and education have been sneered at by those with superior standing in the healthcare community.

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Meet Yourself Where You’re At

Every restricted movement feels like running through water. The heaviness of soaked shoes and socks is slowing down progress with increasing difficulty. As the crushing weight of stress and disappointment causes my lungs to burn and my sides to ache I think to myself, ‘I wish this was as easy as it was before.’ With sweat dripping into my eyes I have a revelation: why am I looking back when I’m not going that way?

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NeuroTourism Journey

I became a NeuroTourist in 2012. The mind-body connection is fascinating and its application is limitless. While other Massage Therapists were learning a smoother flow or how to achieve a deeper tissue release for their massage therapy practices, I was learning that in order to make sustainable changes you have to understand how the Nervous System works. This year I began the journey that is P-DTR®.

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