Your Running Game is Failing

Tell a runner they need to stop running and you will instantly see a look of sheer panic stricken terror flood their faces. Between one breath and the next they’ve thrown up in their mouth a little, had their heart explode, lungs collapse, and may have mentally murdered your firstborn. It’s that big.

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Meet Yourself Where You’re At

Every restricted movement feels like running through water. The heaviness of soaked shoes and socks is slowing down progress with increasing difficulty. As the crushing weight of stress and disappointment causes my lungs to burn and my sides to ache I think to myself, ‘I wish this was as easy as it was before.’ With sweat dripping into my eyes I have a revelation: why am I looking back when I’m not going that way?

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Hardware Issues

Hardware Issues are one of my practice pet peeves. There are hardware issues, such as adhesions, that I can address with a number of skills. Then there are actual hardware issues, such as replacement parts with nuts and bolts, that I can do nothing for. While I can clear dysfunction in the surrounding structures and you can get significant relief, it’s not a lasting change. At that point, I can accept and hope you can too, that your situation is quite literally out of my hands. Hence the pet peeve. I think I may have control issues. insertsarcasticgasphere

pelvic health

TABOO: Pelvic Health

Is sex painful? Not by choice or lifestyle, but in actual function? Is it lackluster? Having trouble with libido, erections, or orgasm? Are you blushing yet? A healthy sex life is one of life’s greatest pleasures and should be enjoyed thoroughly. Ask anyone who doesn’t have a healthy sex life and they’ll agree. This article isn’t all about fun and games though.

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