Praise & Pride

A league of her own

As a level 3 NKT practitioner myself, I can do some pretty incredible things to help my clients move better. One of the main reasons is that I had an… Read more “A league of her own”

You Gave Back My Quality of Life

I have put off way too long writing this testimonial. I came to Marissa after I had exhausted every medical test they could find to run. By now I lived… Read more “You Gave Back My Quality of Life”

Taunya Castillo

Follow your instincts.

Marissa is 100% the real deal. I have a hard time trusting practitioners who feels it’s their job to 100% outthink me and my guesses about why things are happening… Read more “Follow your instincts.”

Susan Ogilvie

You rock sister!

FB video testimonial

Highly Skilled

“Marissa is amazing. She is professional & caring. We are so lucky to have someone so highly skilled in NKT in our state let alone our town. Her treatment modalities… Read more “Highly Skilled”

Mary Ann Rice

Fortunate to have Marissa as a Mentor

I have been having a hard time writing this review because I feel that words are not good enough to describe Marissa and her practice. She has a special way… Read more “Fortunate to have Marissa as a Mentor”


Marissa Macias, MMT possesses unparalleled skill, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. What’s more impressive, is the depth of care she invests in all of her clients. She is genuinely concerned… Read more “Unparalleled”

Vast Knowledge

“I do not live near Ottawa but had heard very good things about Marissa Macias so I made an appointment. To say that I was satisfied would be an understatement.… Read more “Vast Knowledge”

Dr Maurice Velasco

Progressive Services

“Marissa is the best !!! She is extremely talented, professional and well educated !!! She offers very progressive services…. love her and what she believes in for her clients !!!!… Read more “Progressive Services”

Becky Crockett

Fascinating Results

First let me start out saying I drive almost 2 hours each direction to see Marissa – I’m from Wisconsin – worth every mile…. you won’t be disappointed. There’s a… Read more “Fascinating Results”

Dawn Richardson, LMT

Marissa is awesome.

Marissa is awesome. She listens to what you have to say. I am feeling very good. If there is anything else I am going to need, you can bet I… Read more “Marissa is awesome.”

Sheila Parrott


I was referred to Marissa by a friend who told me, “she will fix your life”. She was half-joking, but it turned out to be pretty true. I cannot fully… Read more “Life-changing”

Robin Stephens

A True Believer

I had seen Marissa previous for massage before seeing her for my foot. I had been diagnosed with achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis and had gone through 2 separate therapy… Read more “A True Believer”

Gina Chapman

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