When Worlds Collide and a Profession Divides

Story time. Gather! Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Oh, wait, nah… you haven’t. Unless you were inside my head this morning observing me sipping Pumpkin Spiced coffee (get over it haters) while reading the Facebook Forums. Musings of a MMT….

Three lifelong friends meet up for lunch.

One is a Shaman. He has traveled a path of light and dark, has spoken with intimacy and at great length with the Universe, and has embraced a higher learning taught by nature and the energies of all beings. His purpose is to help all those that seek his care and to, above all, do no harm.

One is a Pain Science Practitioner. He has endeavored to find truth through scientific research, to apply principles gathered from peer reviewed studies, and to right the perceived wrongs from his early days of being an uninformed practitioner. His purpose is to help all those that seek his care and to, above all, do no harm.

One is an Accountant. The simplicity of numbers and equations spoke to him as nothing else ever had. He sees the tally in everything, knows that numbers do not lie, and that if there is ever an error in the ledger that it is always a matter of human error. His purpose is to use mathematic formulas to arrive at the correct answer.

These three friends sat and discussed fond memories of growing up together, caught each other up on their current events, and as friends are wont to do, started discussing how their businesses are going.

Good natured ribbing between the Shaman and the Pain Science Practitioner turned into a heated discussion. The Accountant looked on with amusement as this is something that tends to happen between those two. He rolled his eyes and got out his paper, pencil, and ever ready calculator.

The Shaman talked about the many wonderful and unexplained occurrences where those in his care had life-changing results. The Pain Science Practitioner fired back that he needed to see the research to back up these methods. The Accountant asked about the number of clients, their successes, and their failures.

The Pain Science Practitioner divulged the many wonderful occurrences where those in his care had life-changing results with links ready to validate his chosen methods. The Shaman asked about their energy, spiritual awareness, and their inner truths. The Account asked about the number of clients, their successes, and their failures.

After this had gone on for awhile and neither had gained any ground with the other in their arguments they each let out an exasperated breath and looked to the Accountant to decide the winner as was his role as mediator throughout their friendship.

The Accountant calmly put down the tools of his trade and looked at them both without judgment. He smiled and said, “You’re both equally as right as you are wrong. It’s a tie, because the numbers never lie.”

With his calculations, checked and rechecked numerous times, he showed them that they both had equal amounts of clients/patients that reaped great rewards and successful outcomes through their chosen methods. He went on to show them that they also had equal amounts that saw little to no results and had gone on to seek other methods.

They all smirked and went back to harassing each other with great love and understanding that only comes with the continued growth of lifelong friends.

The End.

The End? Wait. What’s the point!?!?

There’s a very simple point that I believe everyone in this field needs to accept and ultimately understand. It all works. It all works for reasons both known and unknown, understood and not, researched backed and undocumented.

It’s beautiful in its clarity. It’s an individual experience. The seeking, knowing, and healing. The Individual’s Systems likes what you’re throwing down or it does not.

The Individual’s Systems respond with, “Alright, alright, alright” (ala your best Mathew McConaughey impression circa 1993 Dazed and Confused) and move through their limitations into the successful outcomes that they sought.

Or it doesn’t. The Individual’s Systems decide that what you offer doesn’t mesh with its own ideals and satisfactory outcomes. They then go seek another’s work to help them find the answers they seek.

The ULTIMATE GOAL for every practitioner is to help those that seek their care and to, above all, do no harm.

When Worlds Collide; Expect Backlash.

Oh I’m going to hear about it. I fully expect the backlash.

This will likely make it into the forums that inspired this blog. It’s happened before. My intelligence, education, and practices were called into question by people that do not know me. Judgments were made and will be made again. It always amazes me that we feel we have any right to cast judgment upon others.

I accept that we may never gain ground in our arguments. I accept that all we can do is educate ourselves and our clients/patients to the best of our ability, strive to provide better, to be better, to help those that seek our care, and to, above all else, do no harm.

Yes, I practice and teach for methods that are consistently under fire. I look at posture and gait. Gasp! I use palpation to feel areas of restriction, high tone, or areas emitting frequencies or higher energy. Oh my!

All while understanding that while touching this other human being all I can guarantee is that I’m touching skin. Skin that is covering a being with a heart, mind, and soul that is seeking to be given a chance to tell their story and feel that they are being listened to.

I teach my clients that there are nociceptors, mechanoreceptors, chemical, and thermal input sending information to the CNS for processing so that it can protect the human as best as it knows how. That there are mental, emotional, social, and numerous other stressors that can be contributing to their situation. And that when any of these inputs are too high, corrupted, or sensitized, that the output becomes the familiar symptoms of stress, pain, and disease within the body.

They begin to understand that these influences can be adjusted. That THEY can use tools like Edgework to have full control of their movement, to desensitize the input, to break the feedback loop, and create better output. They can meditate and be mindful of what serves them and let go of what does not. They understand that good nutrition and quality sleep can do wonders for healing the mind and body.

All that we can guarantee in our private therapy sessions is that we are two Individual Systems communicating with each other looking to find a common ground. We are looking to meet our patients/clients where they are and, hopefully, find that that common ground leads to a place that benefits those that seek out our care. 

9 thoughts on “When Worlds Collide and a Profession Divides”

  1. This is your best blog yet. A walk off grand slam, the Hail Mary touchdown pass! Brilliant. Take a bow. The crowd needs to recognize you for your excellence.

  2. Marissa, you write with the beauty and eloquence of Paul Coelho in “The Alchemist “. I am challenged daily to stretch my ability to heal and instil hope and relief in my suffering patients. Often they suffer in silence as they have not had hope of relief for many years. I begin with a few questions and an offer of a foot treatment. Everyone has Pacinis all over their their footsoles. I love to watch their faces light up when they try their new feet. Ankle knees and hips follow with impact paleo /neo treatments. A great way to normalize generalized hypertonicity. Then manual muscle testing becomes possible. And the eagle takes flight!

    • Thank you for your kind words. Your patients are so lucky to have you! The desire to continue to improve oneself through education, the willingness to think outside of the box, and the adventurous soul to try new avenues is a beautiful thing.

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